HSE Policy Shall

  • Preserver the health, safety and security of all staff including contractor staff personnel and members of the public.
  • Preserve the integrity and security of the company assets.
  • Minimize the impact of operations on the environment.
  • Be sensitive to the need of the host communities.

Implication of implementing this policies are that:

  • All activities shall be analyzed to systematically identify related hazards risks and
  • Arrangements shall be put in place to systematically identify related hazards, risks and
    sensitivities and to deal with consequences should they arise.
  • Any activity which is unhealthy, unsafe, environmentally unsound or may adversely
    impact relations with the community shall be suspended until an acceptable solution
    is Found.
  • All personnel, including those of contractors, shall be trained and made Fully aware of
    the hazards, risks and sensitivities, and controls in place.
  • Plans and procedures shall be in place to adequately respond to any emergency or loss
    of’ control.